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Why Should You Go For Organic Or Natural Cosmetics?

Many people have a misconception that cosmetics are harmful to the body. However, the fact is not cent percent correct as there are natural cosmetics, which are manufactured with organic or natural products. These cosmetics are made from plant products, and they are processed minimally with certain types of chemicals.

On the other hand, natural cosmetic products are natural and they are not processed with chemicals. Natural cosmetics are manufactured keeping in mind the guidelines of BDIH. It is a German cosmetic certifying body, which ensures that the cosmetic manufacturing companies follow rigorous benchmarks, thus they are not risky for human body.

Women generally prefer to use synthetic cosmetics for their daily use, as they find it much cheaper than using natural cosmetics. However, cheap synthetic cosmetics are quite risky for skin, and long usage can lead to many problems in the future.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics follow BDIH guidelines

The natural cosmetics manufacturing companies follow BDIH guidelines. The guidelines to be followed are as follows:

The ingredients must come from mineral or plant source.
The ingredients must be wild-harvested or organically sourced.
The product must be free from any types of petrochemical or synthetic substances.
There should be no GMOs or genetically modified foods.
No animal tests should be allowed.
The product must have nominal packing, recyclable, and ecologically mindful.
Before launching any cosmetic product, every company must meet up the BDIH guidelines. However, in some case it is not possible to manufacture 100 percent pure organic products. For example, while manufacturing a sunscreen, 5 percent of non-allowable elements and compounds are added. The non-allowable compounds, which can be added in cosmetics, are zinc oxide, titanium, iron oxide, and mica. These are used for the coloration of the products.

Natural cosmetics follow

Preservatives are necessary in natural cosmetics

Few people consider preservatives to be harmful chemicals, and it may harm their body. However, not all preservatives are harmful. There are few harmless natural preservatives as well. The addition of these natural preservatives is quite necessary for preserving the natural ingredients in the cosmetics, and they are totally harmless. The pure or natural cosmetics contain harmless preservatives, which includes specific herbs, and essential oils, which protect the product from bacterial infection. However, there are many synthetic preservatives, which can cause a lot of harm to the human body. Thus, you must check out the types of preservatives used in the product before using them.

Preservatives are necessary in natural cosmetics

Verification method of natural products

The marketing team of every company boasts about their products. In any case, they are going to prove their product to be the best. However, you are paying for it, and it is your responsibility to buy a natural product. Thus, while buying any cosmetic, you must read the content on the label of the product.

If you find any petroleum product such as paraffinum liquidum, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, petrolatum, urea diazolidnyl, methyl or methychloro tiazolinone isotiazolinone then avoid purchasing them. Try to buy those products, which are tested on humans' i.e. vivo products.